PVC coating
for walls and
Paredec ceilings


Paredec is the ideal option for decorating and covering walls and ceilings. Paredec White Range meets every health and hygiene requirement.

Decorative PVC covering
White Range PVC covering
Decorative coverings profiles
Sanitary-white range coverings profiles
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Decorative coverings profiles

Decorative coverings profiles

10 mm PVC Clip on H trim + info
10 mm PVC H trim + info
19 x 29 x 10 mm PVC J trim clip + info
19 x 29 x 30 mm MDF blunt edge dado rail + info
30 x 10 mm MDF wall batten + info
30 x 10 mm PVC wall batten + info
30 x 30 mm Single layer external corner trim + info
38 x 38 mm Double layer external corner trim wall + info
7 x 12 x 5 mm MDF corner trim + info
70 x 10 mm MDF sharped edge skirting + info
8.5 mm PVC J trim + info
Batten strip + info
Batten strip (optional external corner trim) + info
Main ceiling joint + info
MDF Ceiling batten + info
Nylon ceiling clip + info
PVC J trim ceiling clip + info

Decorative PVC covering

For decorating walls or for creating false ceilings. Suitable for building reforms, new installations or for placing over the existing ceiling. It also provides excellent damp protection as it absorbs practically no water, offering complete insulation and a watertight fit. Models available with different structures and features according to requirements.

250 mm Alveolar PVC panel (no grooves) PDF + info
250 mm alveolar PVC panel (with grooves and central groove) + info

White Range PVC covering

Three panel models with different features and benefits, meeting all the health and hygiene requirements. Ideal for any ceiling or wall in bacteria and fungi free environments. Suitable for the food industry as well as any other type of industry. Suitable for slaughterhouses, meat handling areas, dairies, milking sheds, dairy production areas, waiting rooms, fishmongers, fruit and grocery stores, canning and bottling plants, bakeries, cool rooms, oil production factories, wineries, industrial kitchens, laboratories, hospitals, etc.

250 mm alveolar PVC panel (standard without grooves) + info
500 mm solid PVC panel with hygienic and antibacterial features + info
Solid 333 mm PVC panel with different features + info

Sanitary-white range coverings profiles

Sanitary-white range coverings profiles

5.5 mm PVC J trim + info
8.5 mm PVC J trim + info
Internal Corner Trim for 353019 & 353040 + info
PVC corner trim + info
PVC skirting with clip on chamber + info