Business activity

Our company base is on our own 32,000 m2 industrial estate,
with a current occupation of 18,000 m2 in new buildings.

Our mission has always been to make 5 to 6 metre slats and laths, both PVC and aluminium. Our company deals with the major suppliers of raw materials, with reputations of prestige in Spain and abroad, such as the SOLVIN group, suppliers of Polyvinyl Chloride resin (PVC), and the NOVELIS group, suppliers of aluminium band lamination.

We in the company make it a rule to protect our products and currently have over 50 registered patents. We recently extended our production capacity in PVC, making us among the biggest Spanish producers in the sector. We have 18 extrusion lines and 4 of coextrusion using the latest technology and our own section for mixing and granulating the chemical products that make up PVC in 130 RAL colors.
In aluminium profile production, our company has 4 profiling lines and 2 band folding lines. We have over 20 colours in stock for different widths of aluminium band, which means we can make and have ready any colour on the RAL chart which our clients request in a maximum of 7 days.

We have obtained the CE marking for PVC and aluminium roller shutters and also our aluminium roll-up door, and all the certificates for the different features of our shutter boxes.


  • Fabrication of PVC pellets in a wide range of qualities and colours.
  • Extrusion of PVC profiles (pending research and agreement, we make new industrial extruded profiles for clients).
  • Profiled laths for aluminium blinds.
  • Profiling and folding of aluminium for shutter boxes and head rails.
  • Printing of PVC laths with original designs in a wide range of colours.
  • Cladding of laths with different laminates and finishes.
  • Beaded door curtains
  • Roll-up aluminium safety doors and blinds.

Our own products

  • PVC blinds in 14 models of section and various colours.
  • Profiled aluminium blinds, the aluminium laths are filled with fluorocarbon free rigid expanded polyurethane thermal insulation, in a very wide range of colours and 8 models.
  • Traditional Alicante-type blinds in PVC: In a wide range of colours, produced in 15 metre rolls in widths from 45cm to 2m.
  • Traditional Alicante-type blinds in wood: made of Soria pine, varnished with high-quality acrylic water-based products which give excellent weather resistance. Produced in 10 metre rolls for widths of 2m.
  • Fixed and adjustable slat PVC screens with a wide range of orientation and an extensive range of colours.
  • PVC shutter box for blinds in various models and sizes, coloured by extrusion in over 40 shades from the RAL chart.
  • Aluminium shutter box for blinds in various models and sizes. It comes in the same colours as the blind laths in this material.
  • Aluminium-clad PVC shutter box, the FuturBox system. It comes in the same colours as the aluminium blinds. A runner-up in the prestigious European competition "The Solvin Award for PVC Innovation", held in Dusseldorf.
  • Roll-up safety door with extruded aluminium profiles and CE marking.
  • High quality residential sectional doors with the benefit of a high degree of thermal insulation. Because they are vertically opening, they do not open out in front of the building, making them a space saving option.
  • Folding RegixLac door, lacquered in various imitation wood finishes and white.
  • Folding RegixFilm door, coated with vinyl film in various imitation wood finishes.
  • Paredec cladding for walls and false ceilings in PVC lacquered in various finishes or coated with vinyl film.
  • White Paredec cladding for places where a high standard of hygiene is required, as the food industry or any other.
  • Palidux beading curtains.