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18 / 11 / 2019

LaViuda’s  I+D+i Department has developed a new and practical idea which permits an easy, fast and secure installation in order to fasten the motor to the lateral end.

This clipping connection system, with a simple an immediate fastening to bracket, not only saves a considerable amount of assembly time but it improves the aesthetic of the lateral end cap since any screw is required. Furthermore, it makes possible the position of the limit switch in any direction.

It is recommended for the shuter box 155,185, and 200 sizes, for straight cover as well as decorative one. This new system has been patented by LaViuda.

14 / 11 / 2019

El original diseño de nuestra inconfundible cortina PALIDUX ha sido sin duda la razón de haber sido elegida como adecuado elemento decorativo en la publicidad de ron Barceló IMPERIAL.

Elegancia y sobriedad como telón de fondo de la gran marca de ron dominicano.

Ha aparecido en la revista VOGUE; julio de 2019.

18 / 7 / 2019

Together with our suppliers RENOLIT, some of our customers and staff members at LaViuda attended a seminar that was held at our premises concerning the procedure to repair outdoor film coated profiles that may have been damaged during installation by applying the new EXOFOL FR film.

This seminar consisted of both theoretical and a practical segment where, assisted by RENOLIT's specialist repairs technician, we covered all the skills required to undertake a successful repair by following the correct procedures.

Upon completion, each attendee was presented with a Training Certificate granted by RENOLIT.