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23 / 9 / 2019

Our Paredec Cladding of panels for wall and ceiling is completely renovated, with a wide and diverse range of first quality coating, for outdoor and indoor options, that perfectly cover the needings that may exist when it comes to decorate your home, also permitting to create very remarkable environments.

3 / 7 / 2019

Fast answer KIT for the measures of the customer with easy and fast handling in the models:

CLASSIC 40, optimal benefits at the best price in the classic model.

IPANEMA MINI 24, with NANO polyester mesh does not absorbe and deform with the water.

Link chain at the bottom and doublé Steel tape at the top with reduces the loudness by a 50% during the movement.

The opening of 25 mm allows up to 160 cm width with one sole screen and with 2 units, up to 320 cm.

Please ask for the assembly video.

18 / 6 / 2019

LaViuda introduces a new patented Mosquito Net system completely  built into the monoblock PVC box, which allows to install its longitudinal axle and block it to facilitate an installation and dismantling safe process and a better security regarding the handling  and the transportation of the box, obtainning a great time- saving  in labour costs.

Placed inside the monoblock Regilux box 200 size without  the installation of accessories or external profiles, its exclusive little box guaranties that all the fabric always remains cleaned and protected from the water, dirt and the friction off the rolling shutter, or when the own mosquito net remains protected since it does not have a continuous use.

Furthermore, the use of guide terminals and double guide rails (PVC or aluminium) for the rolling shutter and the mosquito net, not only reduces in a remarkable way the cost of items and labour  but facilities the perfect harmony with the whole window system.