A product's quality is demonstrated through many years' experience backed by credentials and certified testing.


Our firm complies with all the current building standards, as demonstrated by over 50 testing certificates for its monoblock box unit for shutters with PVC profiles (non-plastic). They offer a variety of high performance features all tested by the Spanish TECHNOLOGICAL RESEARCH CENTRE (CIDEMCO) and ENSATEC. They are M1 certified and accredited by ENAC (Spanish Standards and Accreditation Agency).



When subject to differential pressure testing the profiles designed by our Technical Department and their features amply fulfil their purpose as enclosure components, meeting all the current standards and guidelines.


LaViuda’s products contribute towards compliance with the energy saving regulations. Its vast selection of shutter boxes have proven to have a low heat transmission ratio during certified testing.


Our products meet all AR sound insulation and RW global value levels as required by sound absorption regulations, including the "laboratory measurement of environmental noise insulation in building components".


The structure of our shutter boxes is designed to prevent water seeping into them, making them fully compliant with current market standards and requirements. As such, they will continue to operate at peak performance for many years.


Our firm also manufactures to order a white PVC extruded box, M1 certified for fire resistance.

All these features mean you will save on your fuel bills and enjoy greater comfort in your home.

La Viuda

Air pervious,
thermic isolation,
acoustic depletion

CE Regulations

One of our firm’s the most important goals is compliance with the Building Products Directive 89/106/CE.


CE Regulation and Markings for Shutters and Blinds.

This regulation requires that all blinds and shutters comply with a series of requirements laid down by the UNE-EN 13659:2004 Standard. We are able to state categorically that all our shutter profiles fully comply with this Standard..

As a major blinds and shutters manufacturer, we must provide a CE Declaration of Conformity to demonstrate our compliance with this regulation. Once the shutter has been installed it must be labelled in a way to immediately show that it complies with the provisions set out in the product regulation. One of the tests required in order to be issued the CE Conformity declaration is the Wind Resistance Test. This determines a shutter’s resistance to pressure loads simulating pressure peaks and dips when wind blows against it.


The certification method for the product conformity for shutters and blinds is type 4 (Commission Directive 1999/93/CE) or self-certification by the manufacturer. Because VDA RAFAEL ESTEVAN believes it is important to offer a wide range of certified products to meet different enclosure requirements, it has its own certified testing team who carry out wind load resistance tests for the UNE-EN 1932 Standards. It also employs technical staff specialised in shutter use who have classified all the shutters manufactured by the company for all the widths and different types of guides commonly employed in Spain and in the rest of the European Community.

As such, we anticipate the market’s needs and the product regulation requirements, consolidating our position as a major industry player and as a market leader in quality products.

EC Conformity Declaration for Doors


As from 1st May 2005, all industrial, commercial and garage doors and shutters sold in the European Union must have an EC Declaration of Conformity. Manufacturing firms must also possess an EC Certificate of Factory Production Control.

The Notified Body CSI S.p.A, nº 0497 has submitted all our products to initial type testing, to verify that they conform with the articles of the UNE EN 13241:2004 (Product Standard) governing roller shutters. This body issued the CPDI747/0G certificate for our whole range of products, based on the DCOG/425FOG Test Report.

Along with the Factory Production Control, whose guarantee of implementation is our recently acquired Integrated Management System Certificate in accordance with the UNE EN ISO 9001:2000 / UNE EN ISO 14001:2004 Standards, all the basic features of a roller shutter, including its security, safety, protection, durability, installation and maintenance have been certified.

Each door and shutter is a unique system all of which have been verified and tested down to the last detail. Each is marked with a series number to identify it, and is sold accompanied by the documentation required by the regulations: declaration of EC conformity, declaration that it does not emit hazardous substances, installation, instructions and maintenance manual as well as the maintenance data sheet.

The roller shutters manufactured by LaViuda are designed to ensure their safe operation, ease of installation and use, as well as for their attractive appearance.

Our Technical Department is ready to offer you personal advice about each installation, and about security requirements and protection as required by current legislation.