Security roller shutters
and sectional doors
for residences

Security doors

Extruded aluminium roller shutters in a range of sizes offering solutions for any type of requirement, including high security, resistance, thermal insulation, renovations - no building work required - maximum roll-up, attractive, easy to clean, lettering and signage possible, etc. Can be manufactured to the maximum thicknesses available on the market. CE (European manufactured) motors and automation equipment.

Security roller shutters
Security doors

Security roller shutters

Roller shutters made under production control with the guarantee provided by our Integrated Management System certificate, ensuring they comply with all the fundamental requirements of a roller shutter, including security, safety, protection, durability, installation and maintenance. The features and attributes of each model and their components are certified with the CE Mark.

Security roll shutters C-77 D70 + info
Security roll shutters CD-60 + info
Security roll shutters VS-100 + info
Security roll shutters VS-110d / VS-110m + info
Security roll shutters VS-65d / VS-65m PDF + info
Security roll shutters VS-75-R + info
Security roll shutters VS-79 + info