High added value
level products


Our mission has always been to make 5 to 6 metre slats and laths, both PVC and aluminium. Our company deals with the major suppliers of raw materials how Polyvinyl Chloride resin (PVC) and aluminium band lamination, with reputations of prestige in Spain and abroad.

We in the company make it a rule to protect our products and currently have over 50 registered patents. We recently extended our production capacity in PVC, making us among the biggest Spanish producers in the sector. We have 28 extrusion lines and 14 of coextrusion using the latest technology and our own section for mixing and granulating the chemical products that make up PVC in 130 RAL colors.

In aluminium profile production, our company has 6 profiling lines and 2 band folding lines. We have over 20 colours in stock for different widths of aluminium band, which means we can make and have ready any colour on the RAL chart which our clients request in a maximum of 7 days.

We have obtained the CE marking for PVC and aluminium roller shutters and also our aluminium roll-up door, and all the certificates for the different features of our shutter boxes.


Our commitments

We are an organisation dedicated to the design, manufacture and commercialisation of products for the construction and decoration of homes and buildings in general.


We are committed to bringing to market products with a high added value and technological level, which together with our very wide experience and modern installations permits us to generate innovative products which are a reference point for the market and our leadership, in every sense; to this we add our agility in adapting to changes in the market.

We are committed to quality so that the internal management system will let us offer our clients a quality of service and product which fully satisfies their needs and expectations, which will enable their permanent trust and loyalty, all in a framework of compliance with the established requirements and of continual improvement in the efficacy of our quality control system.

We are committed to the environment, so that our activity will be carried out in the framework of sustainable development and conservation, and the rational use of natural resources, permitting active participation in the conservation of the rich forest and natural life of the town of Sax and its society, within a framework of compliance with the applicable legal requirements or others we may sign, of continual improvement and the prevention and minimization of environmental impact so far as we may have an influence.

We are committed to our human resources as a principal asset of this company, through participative leadership and management which achieves their commitment in order to orient us like a truly professional team, including our subcontracted staff and suppliers as a fundamental part of the system.

We are committed to the application and good practice of hygiene and manufacturing which ensure the safety and quality of our products. We continually apply hygienic practices and norms to eliminate any health risks in our products.

Finally, we are committed to the shareholders of this organisation through the application of efficiency in our areas of activity, permitting economic development and sustainable growth for our company, bigger investments, greater growth and consequently, generation of wealth for the town of Sax and all the collaborators of this company.